War in the political struggle

September 10, 2008

Why is it that war is always a huge part of a political struggle for power? Countless times throughout history war goes hand-in-hand with politics.

As the 2008 election draws nearer once again on the political plate of the candidates is the topic of war. War is a terrible, and horrible thing that is the cause of too much death and destruction. It has been said time and time again that other countries hate America for our “blood thirsty” attitudes, and I see that we do take offensive when needed. Like the brutal police of the world we throw our resources into everything that “needs our attention”

Anti-war activists say “These people we are killing are just like you.” I tend to agree, we are all people and similar in more ways than we are different. We all have the same needs, but maybe Anti-war people are going about it all wrong…

Consider the audience, a Nation of people on anti-depressents trying to fullfil their petty jobs and complete all of their “responsibilities”. A majority of these people walk around day in and day out with psychological issues that haven’t been resolved, and deep down may hate themselves. I think the lyric by Rise Against put it best when they said “These lives we live test negative for happiness.”

So….maybe the new anti-war slogan should be something more along the lines, “These people are nothing like you!”


4 Responses to “War in the political struggle”

  1. Jer Says:

    hmm, brodie that was an odd and depressing post. I honestly just think it comes down to the fact that we humans are territorial creatures, and unfortunately some of us have a hard time fighting off our nature. So we decide to fight each other instead.

  2. trixtur Says:

    Maybe. I wasn’t going for depressing, more like ironic or somewhat comical.

  3. Jer Says:

    lol, it was a little ironic, how goes school and such bro?

  4. trixtur Says:

    Seriously crazy right now, Senior level classes are hard! But I guess you know that, Kasie is going through the same thing.

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